Contact Lenses

At Complete Eye Care, we have all of the necessary equipment and contact lens fitting sets to achieve success on very difficult fits, as well as routine contact lens exams. We take the extra time necessary to better understand your visual demands and what you want to get out of contacts.

With the expanded parameters and much improved optics of today's current soft contact lenses, it is usually possible to fit almost everybody desiring to wear contacts into very comfortable and affordable disposable soft lenses. In certain situations (post-corneal transplant or keratoconus, for example), it is most often necessary to use rigid gas permeable or hybrid contact lenses to achieve the maximum visual acuity. We perform these types of specialty contact lens fittings very often and find them to be very rewarding for those who otherwise cannot achieve good vision with glasses or soft contact lenses.

Please contact us today at 480-488-7007 to schedule a consultation (it can and usually should be performed on the same day as a comprehensive eye exam). Dr. Morgan will closely examine the health of your eyes as well as the shape of the cornea and glasses prescription to determine the best lens type for you. In most cases we will have your prescription in stock so that you can enjoy convenient good vision on your drive home. We look forward to working with you.